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we're celebrating our 1st year of

Londyn Get The Look

Can You believe it?  We're celebrating a major milestone.  This month marked one year since  we launched our business, It's not an easy road but most importantly I'm still figuring it out.  I've learned a lot of valuable lessons from surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs at various career stages, similar goals, and positive energy, even with people who don't share the same goals of me creating my own path!  Challenging what I'm supposed to do, do not understand my journey, and most likely never will.  Being an entrepreneur requires determination, and I am determined to achieve my goals!  The first stage of my business was the most difficult.  Once I push pass my self-doubt and stopped questioning my abilities, fear doesn't get in the way anymore.

Looking back now, remind me where I started, how much I've learned working hard to build and grow my business.  Investing in my business required some main essentials, such as training, lots of resources, courses, attending seminars and trade shows.  With limited time and little income, l am continuously investing in my business.  I spend countless hours and sleepless nights watching youtube videos, listening to podcast, reading blogs, even going to the library, teaching myself digital marketing, promoting and engaging with both new and existing customers on social media.  All this, so that I can better serve you, build your trust and improve my business.   

We can't wait to start celebrating and recognizing you for all the support from the past year.  You're the one that build up Londyn Get The Look.  We want to take this time to say thank you for a wonderful year together and show our appreciation with 20% off everything!


expire Nov 3, 2019



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